First of all, please have a look at my old flash movie demonstrating how this simple UGC site is working.

Flash movie demo.

In this presentation, at first, it shows that there is no stored 'Browser cache' in my local system. And It demonstrates that you have to login properly to see the contents. If you login properly, then you can see the contents.

And after downloading the images, it shows again the current 'browser cache' that, the image data is encrypted and 'streamed' so that you can not see the image data. So this ensures that your image data can not be redistributed without your permission.

Finally, it shows how you can make your own contents. But at first it fails becuase one of the images I uploaded is already registered by someone else. So, you can avoid the problem of 'illegal usage of registered images'. In the second try, it succeeded to create a new content.


  • Encrypting image data itself and decrypting and showing on your Flex app., on the fly. (I used simple 'stream cypher' for just an example) So in the browser cache, you will see only the encrypted data.
  • A simple 'Intellectual property protection' thing, by using the fingerprint of an image.
  • Simple content sharing by copying and pasting the content (like YouTube way) links on your own web pages.
  • Permitting only the users who were permitted by the author of an Art (contents) to see the contents.
  • Activating a user account by confirming the user's identity with use of simple e-mail confirmation.
  • Image uploading.
  • Some bulletin boards.

Why do I open this project?

Yes, this is just a simple sample but I hope this simple project is helpful to you in any ways. In fact, I made this project in very short time and when I started making this project, I was also new to PHP and Flex. Now I am working in totally different area of IT (Linux game server programmer) , so I can not continue this project any more.

I open this Project for all audiences , and if there is a wish, I hope somebodies cooperate each other (I will also try to do something) improve this project.

Source codes

Currently (2008-Feb-26th) I just zipped all the source codes into one zip file....

You can download it here.

No documents and code management system I provide yet... I am too lazy.

If you have any questions or any things to say to me, please mail me.

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